Call for Nomination & Course Application

IASP and its co-organizers are pleased to invite country chapters, medical societies and academic medical institutions and individuals to nominate and apply for the IASP Pain Management Camp which will take place on February 12-16, 2017 at Sky Star Hotel, Yangon (February 12-15) and Shangri-La hotel, Yangon (February 16), Myanmar.

IASP Pain Management Camp is a pilot pain education project supported by IASP and co-organized by the Association of South East Asian Pain Societies (ASEAPS) and the Myanmar Society for the Study of Pain (MSSP) incorporated with the convention of 7th ASEAPS Congress 2017 at Shangri-La hotel, Yangon (February 17-19), Myanmar.

The goal is to provide an understanding of pain concepts and the basics in interdisciplinary pain management for healthcare workers starting pain services or working in pain and related fields. The five-day course will seek to cover topics relevant to day-to-day clinical practice, as well as other topics that are relevant towards molding participants into pain management educators and advocates. The programa��s main objectives are:

  1. To improve participantsa�� knowledge of pain pathophysiology, diagnosis and management
  1. To provide an impetus for pain practitioners in Asian countries to develop their pain management infrastructure, or enhance existing infrastructure
  2. To foster closer collaboration among Asian pain practitioners
  3. To raise the level of care for the patient in pain


For Pain Camp participants grants, visit here



Nomination Deadline:A�November 7, 2016
Participant Notification: December 6, 2016



  1. Nominees should preferably be young graduates (age less than 45) of medical or allied health sciences, desirable, but not necessary, postgraduate qualification in:
    1. Anaesthesiology
    2. Neurology
    3. Rehabilitation medicine
    4. Palliative Care
    5. Psychiatry / Clinical Psychology
    6. Primary Care
    7. Orthopaedic surgery
    8. Rheumatology
    9. Nursing
    10. Pharmacology
    11. Dentistry
    12. Any other specialty deemed suitable by the pane
  2. Have at least 2 yearsa�� experience in his or her career.
  3. Ability to speak and write English



  1. 30 candidates are expected for this training course
  2. Nominees must submit a letter of recommendation to attend the Pain Management Camp from a local pain society or affiliated academic institution
  3. Selected nominees from resource limited Non ASEAPS countries in the region will be awarded subsidy for full board course fee and travel airfare
  4. Selected nominees from ASEAPS countries will be awarded subsidy for full board course fee
  5. Selected nominee who does not meet our award criteria will be responsible for their own course fee



Full board course fee 1500 US $ which includes:

    1. Registration to 5 day pain camp course
    2. 5 nightsa�� accommodation at camp venue
    3. Ground transportation and refreshment
    4. Course syllabus



  1. Nominees from resources limited Non ASEAPS countries in the region
  2. Nominees who are members of local IASP chapters
  3. Nominees who are not solo practitioners in private practice, but affiliated to university, general or tertiary care center, hospital or training program.
  4. Nominees working for provincial hospitals or who has limited access to major pain centers in the capital cities
  5. Nominees should not be the recipient of a similar IASP award within the last 3 years


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