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The awareness and management of pain is still poorly developed in many countries in Asia. Pain Medicine as a specialty is only just beginning to be recognized in a few of the countries with IASP chapters. In many low income countries, there are no pain services at all.A� Education and training in pain management is therefore essential to correct this situation, but remains unavailable in many parts of the region. The concept of an IASP a�?Pain Management Schoola�? was suggested, following the very successful model of the European Pain School in Siena, which has had a major impact in improving pain research in the western world. The IASP Council has formed a Task Force for a�?Pain Management Schoola�? designed for regions of the world where pain medicine is not well established, namely, Africa, Asia and Latin America. The a�?Pain Management Schoola�? concept has now been actualized in the form of the IASP Pain Management Camp in Asia since 2011.

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Pain Management Camp 2017 is the fourth pain education project which will take place in Myanmar, supported by IASP, the Association of South East Asian Pain Societies (ASEAPS) and the Myanmar Society for the Study of Pain (MSSP).

The goal is to provide an understanding of pain concepts and the basics in interdisciplinary pain management for healthcare workers starting pain services or working in pain and related fields in Asia. The five-day course will seek to cover topics relevant to day-to-day clinical practice, as well as other topics that are relevant towards molding participants into pain management educators and advocates.



  1. To improve participantsa�� knowledge of pain pathophysiology, diagnosis and management
  2. To provide an impetus for pain practitioners in Asian countries to develop their pain management infrastructure, or enhance existing infrastructure
  3. To foster closer collaboration among Asian pain practitioners
  4. To raise the level of care for the Asian pain patient



The IASP Pain Management Camp will be held for 5 days from 12-16 February, 2017 at Sky Star Hotel. The first 4 days will be at the Sky Star Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar. The last day of the camp will be at Shangri-La Hotel for the pain refresher course during which more experienced pain physicians will be allowed to attend.



Myint Thaung, Myanmar
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Cynthia Goh, Singapore
Khin Myo Hla, Myanmar

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