Pre Congress Workshops

ASEAPS 2017 – Pre-Congress Pain Management Refresher Course

Join us in the Pain Management Refresher Course, where pain experts from around the world will share their experiences with new developments in the management of important issues facing pain physicians.

Preliminary Programme

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16 February, 2017
Konbaung – Tagaung Room
08:30a��09:00 Evidence-Based Medicine: Evaluating the Evidence and Development of Treatment Guidelines Andrew Rice (UK)
09:00a��09:30 Central Pain: Characteristics and Mechanisms Troels Jensen (Denmark)
09:30a��10:00 The NeuPSIG Neuropathic Pain Treatment Guidelines Andrew Rice (UK)
10:00a��10:20 Tea break
10:20a��10:50 Cognitive behavior therapy: What it is & how does it work? Judith Turner (USA)
10:50a��11:20 Management of Post-Operative Pain Supranee Niruthisard (Thailand)
11:20a��11:50 Treatment-Related Pain in the Cancer Patient Ramani Vijayan (Malaysia)
11:50a��12:20 Low Back Pain: What to Do & What NOT to Do Roger Gouke (Australia)
12:20a��13:20 Lunch
13:20a��13:50 Engaging the Patient in Pain Coping Skills Michael Nicholas (Australia)
13:50a��14:20 Phantom Limb Pain: Mechanisms & Treatment Troels Jensen (Denmark)
14:20a��14:50 Epidemiology of Pain Fiona Blyth (Australia)
14:50a��15:10 Tea break
15:10a��16:00 Case-Based Discussions Ramani Vijayan (Malaysia),A�Mary Cardosa (Malaysia)


ASEAPS 2017 – Pre-Congress Pain Ultrasound Workshop

Preliminary Programme

Chairs: Tint Lwin (Myanmar), Carl Chen (Taiwan) A� A� Facilitators:A�Dr. Aung Phone Pyae (Myanmar)A�andA�Neerja Bharti (India)

16 February, 2017
Taung Ngu – Innwa Room
08:30a��09:10 Overview of Sonoanatomy for Ultrasound a�� Guided Injections Andrea delle Sedie (Italy)
09:10a��9:50 Ultrasounda��guided Sympathetic Blocks: Stellate Ganglion, Celiac Plexus, Superior Hypogastric Plexus and Ganglion Impar block Sean Lin (Taiwan)
9:50a��10:20 Sonoanatomy of back/lumbar spine Babita Ghai (India)
10:20a��10:40 Tea break
10:40a��11:20 Ultrasounda��Guided Interventional Pain Management for Neck andA� Shoulder Pain Carl Chen (Taiwan)
11:20a��12:00 Ultrasound-Guided Pain Management Interventional Procedures inA�low back pain Neerja Bharti (India)
12:00a��12:40 Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Interventions: Suprascapular, Intercostal, T-Paravertebral and Selective Nerve Block, Pudendal Nerve, Knee Genicular Nerve Block Sean Lin (Taiwan)
12:40a��13:30 Lunch
Hands on training
13:30a��14:00 Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks: Musculoskeletal Pain; Neck Pain, Truncal Pain All speakers
14:00a��14:30 Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks: Low Back Pain, Sacral and Gluteal Pain All speakers
14:30a��15:00 Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks: Shoulder, Elbow Joint, Hands and Wrist Joint All speakers
15:00a��15:20 Tea break
15:20a��15:50 Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks: Hip Joint and Knee Joint All speakers
15:50a��16:20 Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks: Foot and Ankle Joints All speakers

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